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I'm moving!

I'm moving!

Http://jojopancake.tumblr.com :)

Haven't updated for gazillion years. =/

It's been ALMOST A YEAR since I last updated. Want to keep this blog alive, but I couldn't find any stuff to update bout again. =/ Been busy doing camps with Trekkers and it was fun! Those little primary sch and secondary sch children are mega cute but horribly annoying at the same time. HAHA. I might just grow to like children some day.



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Gosh, I haven't update this in like X numbers of years. Currently doing my industrial attachment at Kimberly Clark Asia pacific. The diaper mill at tuas south ave 8 kills me every morning on my way to work.

Took my rescue course last weekend! Was good. Just lazy to update the photos and have yet to collect my developed prints from the lab. Plain lazy to get my ass down to bugis to do so. So, should I ask you out to hangout sometime soon? Hmm. Wife beater's finally left sg and is happily at Brisbane right now. Hope he's doing good and 'enjoying' the cold weather there. As we all know, we both are big fans of the sun. Not so much of the rain if we could choose. But it's going to be winter in Aussie so, good luck to him with the cold!

Work was alright i guess. Long breakfast to start my day. Followed by long lunch break and gossip sessions with colleagues. After that tea break at 3pm. And pack bag to leave at 4pm. Shiokness but I have stuff to do as well.

Okay. Bedtime. Good night world. Oh, mayday concert. Anybody?
hmm, 3 more papers for me.. and I have later on.. maths 4 @ 9am. hurr. This sucks cuz I cant seem to be able to concentrate on studying. And I cant fall asleep cuz I'm so not prepared for this paper. Really need to take a break after this.. Oh oops, I took a break on Tues night and ended up waking at 2pm today and couldnt manage to finish my revision in time! BLOODY SCREWED and maths is tough. Sigh.

And I have no idea why are am I feeling this way. I thought we were friends and we could talk to each other. I hate it how people just change just like that. Just, just disappear. The sudden stop of communicating, talking to each other, it just affects me alot. But perhaps I'm smarter this time round cuz I didnt ask why.. there's never a reason for that. Just feels like a loser now. To think I would actually let myself go through this torture a second time. Maybe its the emo songs that caused that sudden outburst of emotion.. I'm changing song now. and yeah, I'll get through this. DONT LIKE YOU LA. Argh. Why are stuff like that??

ARGH, Everything will be ok after tmr. I will forget bout this soon. I promise.

如果你也听说 有没有想过我 
想普通交朋友 还是你依然会心疼我 
好多好多的话想对你说 悬着一颗心没着落 
想到你想起我 胸口依然温柔 
如果你想起我 你会想到什么 

But you already got me coming undone.

I wanna post an entry. But i have nothing to say up in my head. Lol. And two is better than one by Boys like Girls is on loop. Haha. Exam's just round the corner like, 15 days away. Oh MY GOD. If I have 5 modules this sem, it means I only have 3 days left to study for each paper. Screwed. This sem had been pretty rough. As I was being too slack and can't be bothered by some stuff. Uh, only have myself to blame. I just hope that exams end soon and its the HOLIDAYS. But seriously, there's no need to worry bout that cause time flies...... Before we know. its alr December! I believed so. And off I go to BKK. Oh, I was trying to recall the other day what I did for all my past birthdays. But all the events are so jumbled up inside my head I couldn't get them in chronological order.

Let me see, i remember a long time ago, having dinner with chanlina, mel and chris( that was a LONG time ago and I hope I remembered correctly). Then once I went MOS. Had dinner with jassy, zw and gladys at thai express. Ahhh, I'll think bout this another time. Its 5am now. Time for bed. I hope the old emo me has grown up and be more mature now. 

Looking forward to filling up my empty days with red wine..
Spring 2013

I'm here for you she said.

I think I miss you the most.

Then again, nah.. not anymore.. Moving on....
HELLO. its been a while since i last updated. Yes i know. very very long indeed but perhaps dun really have much time and effort to pen down my thoughts but just to let you guys know. i jus returned from dive trip! and planning for the next one alr. haha. okie, not much updates to add. its bed time baby!


Every Monday Will Be Movie Day.

=) BORING. so i thk i need to update abit.
ermm, nth much to mention. too lazy to recollect now. haha. but i have PHOTOS to upload.
so that will take place when my bum's not so lazy

till then, =)


heard it over the radio.. cant find the normal MV for it. i dunno why.
very nice emo song. hahah.

ahh, one more interesting MV


The Most Beautiful Coincidence

  Mr Patrick would love to meet Spongebob someday.


and guess who i saw at Jurong Point......... heh heh.
want to see him more often. =)



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